30 years of eco-responsible commitment

Water-based inks

Since its creation, Livcer has made the unique decision to use green inks (as opposed to solvent-based inks which are harmful to the environment). 30 years later, it remains one of the few companies to use these ecological inks in flexography.


Livcer mobilizes its customers to adopt an eco-responsible approach to developing their packaging and selects its suppliers based on their commitment to protecting their environment.

Imprim’vert Certification

Imprim’vert certified, the company respects the charter on waste management and the disuse of toxic products in favor of less hazardous ones.

Environmental Management ISO 14001

We are committed to:

  • reducing the impact and disruptive effects of our activities on the environment,
  • preventing the risk of pollution and hazardous situations
  • continuously improving our performance in all areas relating to the environment
  • Processing waste

AFAQ ISO 14001