A family spirit, an entrepreneurial spirit


Xavier de Livonnière

The creation of LIVCER

Xavier de Livonnière and his partner Jean Ceresa were managing a major printing facility specialized in rotogravure technology called Les Charmettes when they decided to create a second, more flexible business in 1998 which could fulfill SME and VSE orders. They founded the company LivCer, a trigram based on the founders’ names.

However, the two directors were completely absorbed in the development of Les Charmettes until it was sold to major international groups. Xavier de Livonnière therefore entrusted the launch of Livcer to his children Charles and Aude when it was created.

SINCE 1988


Charles de Livonnière

The leap into FLEXOGRAPHY

To meet its customers’ need for agility, Charles de Livonnière made a bold leap into flexographic printing. In a market that was focused on rotogravure, this technology was totally innovative. However, once it has been mastered, flexography offers numerous advantages: a high quality printing service on one hand and drastically reduced costs and turnarounds on the other. The pharmaceutical industry was convinced!

In addition, Charles made the forward-thinking decision to use water-based inks and place his business in an eco-responsible environment from the very beginning.

This pioneering spirit allowed him to build Livcer Flexography’s current image as a model company in continuous printing.

SINCE 1991

Aude de Livonnière

The SINGLE DOSE revolution

Livcer had already met a very niche requirement for thermoformed packaging. The story might have ended there… But Aude de Livonnière, who was working in the marketing department of a record label, instantly saw the huge potential of this technology for the cosmetics industry and decided to join the family business to create Livcer Single Dose. Beauty brands were seduced by this new sample format, which met all their requirements: conservation of their formulas, a very versatile material that could take on any shape and finally, thanks to the insert that contained the single dose, the ability to communicate!  It was an instant success.

Today, thanks to Aude and her visionary spirit, Livcer Single Dose is the European leader in its class.