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In light of the recent health pandemic, our habits and our way of consuming have fundamentally changed. Health and safety will be at the heart of everyone’s concerns. Currently, there is a debate between how retail will solve for these concerns in the cosmetic & beauty space given that customers will still need to test, see the colors, and smell the products. In fact, a strong emotional experience is fundamental to impact customers.

LIVCER, with a rich history in innovation and problem solving, has developed some HYGENIC YET DELIGHTFUL sampling options for this new market.

Introducing…Livstick, a «beauty match» that allows customers to sample lip color safely. It is a wooden stick whose end is wrapped in the formula. Inserted into a blister, it allows testing under optimal conditions. 100% secure, the stick is fully protected.

The opening of the blister and the grip of the stick is easy and the application of lipstick is very intuitive. The integrity of the formula is maintained and the application experience is similar to the full size product.

The Livstick allows the consumer to experience the product in total confidence.

Available in a single blister or in a pre-cut 6-strip, it can be stored in drawers, displays, or sales representatives.

Livcstick is for all products that can hot poured like eyebrow care, eyeliner, lip balm, and more! It is possible to sample different shades and products at the same time.

As an added eco-friendly benefit, the Livstick is designed with materials ready for recycling (PE and wood). All elements are separable and can be thrown in the trash separately.

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