4 cavity Lips’Kit®

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Lips’kit®: your travel partner in any situation 

Livcer innovates and creates the thermoformed makeup palette: Lips’kit®.

The thin multi-use case:

This little resealable case is thin and light, allowing the brand to showcase 4 securely pressed samples and the customer to try them out over several days.

A veritable mini make-up palette, Lips’kit® is the ideal solution when you want to increase awareness of several products or shades. The featured products and colours are securely pressed directly into the case and protected by a cover. It allows you to enjoy all the advantages of the classic makeup palette at a lower cost.

Livcer can be packaged with Lips’kit® makeup products: lipstick, balm… 

The Lips’kit® case can be resealed, and almost wholly customized with product information. Because it is carried with the customer over several days, the product is tested in real-life situations.

Innovative, economical and practical, flat and discreet, Lips’kit® easily makes the transition from sample to sale.

A qualitative sample that looks like a gift or a selling product, Lips’kit® offers all the freedom necessary to communicate; it can be printed or labeled and distributed alone or in a box.

Volume 4×0.2g

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